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The Speedplay Syzr
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SYZR Pedal System

Nothing underscores the need for a more versatile pedal system than the convergence of road and MTB bicycles into one multi-purpose, go-anywhere machine. After inventing the most technically-advanced road pedals, Speedplay set out to develop a state-of-the-art, off-road pedal system to equal the performance of our popular Zero and Ultra Light Action Pedal Systems.

Before the SYZR, cyclists could only choose between road or MTB clipless pedals. Road pedals offer the stable platform and power efficiency that riders want, but they don't work in mud. Off-road pedals are made for mud and walking, but their inferior connection is wobbly and wastes power. With the SYZR, Speedplay bridges the technology gap between road and MTB pedals to strike the perfect balance for riding on both dirt and pavement. SYZRs deliver all of the convenience of recessed-cleats without the wobbly connection and power-wasting performance compromise of traditional MTB pedals.

To eliminate the energy loss of other MTB systems, the SYZR uses a unique 4-point contact, cinched together by downforce, to create a rock-solid connection not found in any other MTB system. SYZRs also include the renowned fit, feel and user-friendly ergonomic features that cyclists have come to expect from Speedplay.

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The SYZR's 6 patented innovations introduce new, advanced technology:

Active Cleat Stabilization

Current MTB pedals are wobbly and have "play" between the cleat and pedal. The SYZR is the first and only design that eliminates the "play" that riders hate. To ensure a precision connection between the pedal and cleat, the SYZR has a unique 4-point contact that's cinched together by down-force to eliminate slop from the connection. These 4-point contacts have stabilizer feet that rest on the outboard edges of the pedal for unprecedented side-to-side platform stability.

Micro-Adjustable Float

By locating an adjustable pivot mechanism directly inside the cleat, SYZR pedals are the only off-road pedal system to provide a user-customizable, 10-degree range of float. Cleat set-up is easy too, since there is no need to loosen and reposition the cleat to make angular adjustments.

Ceramic Cleat-Contact

In addition to exceptional durability, solid ceramic contact inserts in the cleat prevent metal-to-metal seizing in wet and dusty conditions. The ceramic materials in SYZR cleats are much harder and more durable than any metal.

Roller-Cam Release

Developed to ensure that SYZR cleats provide consistent release, Roller-Cams are located on all four corners of the cleats to allow the contact surfaces of the engagement mechanism to roll apart instead of sliding apart like other systems.

Target Acquisition

Special funnel-shaped wings on the leading edge of the cleats are used to guide the cleat into the pedal's latch mechanism for faster, easier engagement. The cleat funnel guides eliminate the need to look down when engaging the pedal by effectively increasing the size of the system's "target area", making the pedals easier to locate and clip-in by feel.

Custom Adaptive-Fit

For personalized performance, SYZR pedals are designed to offer a range of custom-fit options for riders with special ergonomic or biomechanical requirements. In addition to micro-adjustable float and adjustable spring tension, SYZRs are also available in five spindle lengths and numerous leg-length discrepancy options.

Additional Key Features:


A Speedplay first and a breakthrough in performance for clipless MTB systems, Direct-Drive eliminates the energy waste of previous MTB designs by channeling power to the pedal directly through the cleat. All other MTB designs waste valuable energy by transferring power through the spongy rubber tread of the shoes. Direct-Drive ensures that 100% of rider power is transferred efficiently to the pedal. Additionally, because the rubber tread is not used as the contact for the pedal, wear to the shoe sole does not degrade performance.

Open Architecture

The SYZR's special, open configuration ensures consistent engagement and prevents the cleats and pedals from clogging or binding with mud.

Precision Bearings

Like all Speedplay Pedal Systems, SYZR pedals use high-quality precision bearings, never cheap plastic or bronze bushings. SYZR pedals feature double-sealed precision needle and cartridge bearings for low rolling resistance and longevity.

Built-in Grease Port

Makes routine maintenance fast and easy.

Three Spindle Material Choices

Available with chrome-moly, stainless steel, or titanium spindles.

Compatible with all recessed-cleat shoes

Unlike some MTB systems, SYZR pedals will not damage shoe soles as there is no pedal-to-sole contact when riding.

Familiar Ergonomics

The SYZR shares the same familiar aspects of fit and feel as Speedplay Zero pedals, but is designed to work in mud and fits recessed-cleat shoes.


The SYZR Pedal System is for you if you are a:

  • Current Speedplay Zero or Ultra Light Action user who wants the same features and benefits in an off-road system.
  • Rider who needs platform stability and 100% power transfer for Gravel or any off-road adventure.
  • MTB rider who is dissatisfied with the sloppy, wobbly connection and inefficient power transfer of traditional off-road pedals.
  • Off-Road Racer (Cross Country, Cyclo Cross, or Off-Road Triathlon) who seeks an off-road pedal system with the performance features of a road system.
  • Endurance road rider who uses recessed cleat shoes for walking convenience but wants the power transfer and platform stability of a road system.
  • Rider who is looking for fitting options including custom spindle lengths, micro-adjustable float, and leg length discrepancy solutions not offered with other brands.



  • Chrome-Moly - 55mm
  • Stainless - 55mm
  • Titanium - 55mm

Looking for Custom options for SYZR Pedals to address specific fitting needs such as stance width, a leg-length discrepancy or a hip-alignment correction? Custom SYZR Stainless Steel Pedals are available by special order from Speedplay Retailers. Learn More...

As with all Speedplay Pedal Systems, local manufacturing is a priority, so many of the SYZR's components are produced in the US and then hand assembled at Speedplay in San Diego, California.

  • SYZR Stainless
  • SYZR Stainless
  • SYZR Stainless
  • SYZR Stainless
  • SYZR Stainless
  • SYZR Titanium
  • SYZR Titanium
  • SYZR Titanium
  • SYZR Titanium
  • SYZR Titanium
  • SYZR Chrome-Moly
  • SYZR Chrome-Moly

Learn how to use our Quick Start Guide to setup and adjust the SYZR Pedal System.

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For proper required routine maintenance of
Speedplay Pedal Systems, we recommend the following accessories:

The Speedplay grease gun allows you to lubricate your Speedplay pedals quickly and cleanly without disassembly.
Specially formulated to dry instantly and bond to the pedal and cleat surfaces, creating a highly protective barrier that does not attract dirt.

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