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This product is currently not available. At this time, future availability has not been determined.

The Speedplay Brass Knuckes Pedal

Brass Knuckles

As the name implies, Brass Knuckles are seriously tough pedals designed to give every possible competitive advantage. Brass Knuckles were developed to satisfy riders who demand the best in performance and are looking for an upgrade in quality and durability over run-of-the-mill, "Bust-and-Chuck" flat pedals.

Aside from their appearance, what truly separates Brass Knuckles from other pedals is their unique combination of strength, precision and a super-thin body profile. The oversized 12mm-diameter spindles maximize durability and strength. Each pedal runs on three precision bearings - two outboard cartridge bearings and an inboard needle bearing. These robust internal components are housed in a CNC-milled aluminum alloy body whose cage profile is only 13.5mm thick for improved power transfer. And Brass Knuckles feature unique and proprietary, replaceable star-pattern studs for optimal traction. Like all Speedplay pedals, Brass Knuckles can be easily serviced with a convenient built-in grease-injector port.

Key features:

  • Monster 12mm forged chrome-moly spindle for strength.
    U.S. titanium coming soon
  • Super-thin body profile improves power transfer and foot stability.
  • One needle bearing and two cartridge bearings per pedal, no cheap bushings.
  • Double sealed for improved bearing protection.
  • Proprietary, replaceable star-pattern studs for maximum sole traction.
  • CNC-machined pedal with laser etched logos.
  • Built-in grease-injection port for easy maintenance.

Black, Red, Gold and Polished

MSRP: Chrome-Moly: $160.
Chrome-Moly Polished: $175.

  • Black with Chrome-Moly Spindle
  • Black with Chrome-Moly Spindle
  • Red with Chrome-Moly Spindle
  • Red with Chrome-Moly Spindle
  • Gold with Chrome-Moly Spindle
  • Gold with Chrome-Moly Spindle
  • Polished with Chrome-Moly Spindle
  • Polished with Chrome-Moly Spindle

For proper required routine maintenance of
Speedplay Pedal Systems, we recommend the following accessory:



The Speedplay grease gun allows you to lubricate your Speedplay pedals quickly and cleanly without disassembly.


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