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Certain pedal manufacturers contend that it's cleat-to-pedal contact area, rather than shoe-to-cleat contact, that plays the most significant role in the transmission of power.

Regardless, Speedplay still offers a clear advantage. Using our competitor's own methodology for measuring cleat-to-pedal contact, the Zero comes out way ahead – by a factor of nearly three-to-one!

Speedplay Zero
4-hole mounting
750.06 MM²
Speedplay Zero
3-hole mounting
568.94 MM²
Look KéO
3-hole mounting
259.91 MM²


*Cleat contact area calculated using SolidWorks CAD software.
Look KéO data taken from manufacturer's website. Look is a registered trademark.


Speedplay Zero with four-hole mounting

Speedplay Zero with three-hole mounting


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