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Shoe Soles with a Speedplay Approved 4-Hole Cleat Mounting Standard

Speedplay pedals have always led the market with cutting-edge performance specifications. These specifications are further optimized when Speedplay pedals are mounted on shoes that feature the special Speedplay Approved 4-hole cleat mounting standard. The 4-hole mounting standard allows the spring housing portion of any Speedplay road cleat to be installed directly to the shoe, eliminating the Standard Base Plate. When using a 4-hole mount, you must use Speedplay’s V.2 Protector Shim Kit (Part #14015) or Aero Walkable Protector Shim Kit (Part #14135). This set of thin stainless-steel shims must be used to prevent the pedals from damaging the carbon sole of the shoe

Shoes that offer Speedplay’s 4-hole cleat mount provide a number of advantages including:

  • Improved power-transfer by reducing the distance from the foot to the pedal.
  • Lighter cleat weight due to the elimination of Speedplay’s standard cleat base plate and hardware.
  • A greater range of rearward cleat adjustment from the longer adjustment slots built into 4-hole shoe soles.
  • Improved aerodynamics from the reduced frontal area of the combined cleat and pedal.

Manufacturers of Shoes that feature the Speedplay-Approved 4-Hole Cleat Mounting Standard:

DMT Gaerne Lake
Northwave Rocket 7 Sidi


IMPORTANT! Required Accessories for DMT, Gaerne, Lake, Rocket 7, Sidi and Vittoria 4-hole shoes.

Speedplay’s V.2 Protector Shim Kit (#14015) compatible with Zero, Ultra Light Action and X Series Cleats:

  • 8 M4x13mm cleat mounting screws
  • 2 stainless steel wear protector shims

Aero Walkable Protector Shim Kit (#14135)
: compatible with Zero Aero Walkable™ Cleats and Ultra Light Action Walkable™ Cleats:

  • (8) W.C. 4x9.5mm Cleat Fastening Screws
  • 2 stainless steel wear protector shims

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