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MTB Specific Pedal Gallery and Time Line


Quill/Platform Pedal Gallery and Time Line

Clipless Road Pedal Gallery and Time Line

Toe Clips, Toe Straps
and Shoe Cleats Gallery

Scott USA 1990

Had a bolt-on shoe plate with a mushroom-shaped protruding rivet that would slide under and hook its upper edge under the top plates in the pedal platform. Made for Scott by VP Components in Taiwan.


Grafton Speedtraps 1991

Made of aluminum and titanium.
Sold new for $227.99


Campagnolo/Look TP93 Mountain Pedals 1993

Designed in the US with alloy bodies that were cast in Illinois. Modified from a road pedal design to work in the mud. Provided a platform surface on the non-locking side. Also sold under the Campagnolo
mark as shown.


Onza HO 1993

Similar function to Shimano SPDs but used elastomers instead of springs. Titanium version was introduced in 1994.


Exus Mag Flux (prototype) 1994

These prototype mountain bike pedals never made it to market. They used powerfull magnets to hold the cleat.


Grafton Excelerator 1995

Second generation pedal design by one of the companies that started the CNC revolution in mountain bikes.


Grafton Excelerator 1995

This is a rare single-sided version of the Grafton Excelerator pedal.

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